Joining the Urban Greenhouse Challenge as a partner

The Urban Greenhouse Challenge offers an unique opportunity to increase your company’s visibility and to reach out to promising young talents around the globe. It gives you a possibility to tap into their creativity of the students and get inspired by their unorthodox way of doing things.

Our network includes leading educational and research institutions on four continents, urban farming professionals and four media partners. Among the participants of the Challenge are the most talented, ambitious and entrepreneurial students, your dream future employees. Our partners explore new horizons and set trends in urban farming, will it be new business models, technologies or circular design. Our on-line platform enables instant, direct contact with Challenge teams as well as experts from partner companies and institutions. Lots to gain by joining the Challenge as a partner!

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Partners of previous edition about the Challenge

Increasing urbanization and metropolis formation. The gap between producers and consumers. Exhausted agricultural land. These and many other themes are central to our ‘Growing A Better World Together’ mission to contribute to sustainable feeding a growing world population sustainably. That will not succeed by only focusing on improving the existing. Disruptive innovation is needed. The Greenhouse Challenge stimulates this disruptive innovation. We look very much forward to the process and its outcomes!

Jacqueline Pieters - Head Banking for Food Inspiration Center (Rabobank)

The new energy-neutral neighbourhood Bajes Kwartier is fully dedicated to daring sustainability. We are giving this area of the former Bijlmerbajes a new destination in which health and the happiness of residents and users comes first. Together with the designers OMA, FABRICations and LOLA Landscape ‘Bajes Kwartier Ontwikkeling C.V.’, a collaboration between AM, AT Capital and Cairn, develops a completely new, energy-neutral neighbourhood. One of the old prison towers will become very special: it will be a green tower with a vertical park and urban agriculture. We see the Green Challenge as a great initiative, fitting our ambition, from which we expect a lot.

Antoinette Wilmot and Eva Hekkenberg, MT Bajes Kwartier Ontwikkeling C.V.

Focusing on urban themes such as water, energy, waste, food, data and mobility, AMS Institute focuses on developing a deep understanding of cities to research and design solutions for its challenges. The resilience of food systems in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is an import topic for us. The WUR Greenhouse Challenge provides us with an exciting case study, aiming to create innovations for metropolitan food systems and improving a healthy and liveable living environment.

Arjan van Timmeren – Scientific Director (AMS Institute)

We are very enthusiastic about the ‘Design the Ultimate Urban Greenhouse’ challenge. As a partner and prize sponsor, we hope to be surprised by the participants’ innovative and sustainable substrate solutions, and we want to connect with them. By innovating existing ways of thinking, groundbreaking ideas often come from different disciplines and bright minds. The challenge is an unique opportunity for students with an affinity for growing plants to become a creative entrepreneur and work together in a multidisciplinary team. We’re looking forward to seeing all the ideas being presented in August.

Sjors Beijer - Innovation Manager (Klasmann-Deilmann)