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the Teams

Are you eager to join the Challenge? Find out here what does it take!

How can I participate in the Challenge?

As the Challenge is multi-disciplinary, you cannot do it on your own- you will need a team! There are few things to consider when you start recruiting your dream team:

  • The Challenge is open to Bachelor and Master students from universities and universities of applied sciences. PhD students and fresh graduates (graduation in July 2018 or later) are also welcome to participate as long as they constitute less than 20% of the team.
  • Team members should come from a variety of disciplines, to cover all disciplines of the Challenge. Your team may comprise members from different universities
  • You will need long-term time commitment. Consider that in some periods of the academic year 2019-2020 you will be busy full-time with the Challenge!
  • You will need a team coach or mentor that supports your team through the design process.
  • You will need a budget to cover your travel and running costs, and possibly costs to e.g. run tests, buy software, build prototypes, develop communication materials

Check out this document to find out what does it take to participate in the Challenge

How do I find team members?

Are you eager to join the Challenge but you do not have a team yet? We can help you to launch your recruitment campaign!
Here you can download posters, flyers and other PR materials to find your buddies! A small piece of advice for the beginning: start with your friends and acquaintances. The best teams consist of good friends!

How can I register?

The registration is open from 1 June until 31 October 2019. You can first register individually and later add other team members.