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Our team

Our group named Qing Ling, which means a group of aspiring young farmers.

Our strengths

Each member of our group is specialized in different directions, such as ecological production system design, mathematic model design, 3D modeling, logistics and nutrients, etc.. Furthermore, most members have years of successful cooperation experience with researchers (i.e. FSE Group in WUR), farmers' association (Shandong Rural Special Technology Association), agricultural company (Shuifa Group co., LTD), and media (Chinese Agricultural Forestry Satellite, CAFS, TV show).

With all these experiences, we could better our understanding of farmers' needs, and in the meantime positively respond to national policy. We know how to build a successful business model for an enterprise. Together with farmers, commercial companies, researchers, and media, our design could rapidly be upscaled and industrialized, and potentially provide an innovative production system and business model for other farmers and companies.

Our drive

High-tech has been improving our life in various aspects. In food-related subjects, precise farming and agroecology as representatives have brought us the high potential to establish a more wholesome society. Our group named Qing Ling, which means a group of aspiring young farmers. We would like to implement sustainable agriculture in urban areas. Combining nature and concretes; encouraging more citizens & farmers to join sustainable agriculture; creating healthier edible products and farming technologies to serve modern society.

What we want to achieve

We would like to design an Ecological Production System for Urban Greenhouse that:
1. Improve system productivity
2. Enhance environmental sustainability (such as minimized erosion, balanced N, P, K, and Organic Matter)
3. Optimize the labor input, seasonality, improve resource use efficiencies (gas, water, energy, etc.)
4. Get a maximum net financial result with minimal harm for environmental sustainability

What are the main starting points of our concept?

1. Module-based design method
2. Educational entertainment tour design
3. Systematic design of an ecological production system
4. Dynamic design in the time dimension
5. Diversified and efficient design in the space dimension.
6. Complex production system

What are the main functions of our building?

1. Greenhouse
2. Office
3. Plant factory for natural enermy breeding
4. Biogas generation
5. Power generation
6. Supermarket
7. Recycling Biomass
8. Relaxation

What are the unique selling points of our concept?

1. Have a maximum net financial result with no harm for environmental sustainability;
2. Can provide full nutrition and multiple organic agriculture productions for local people;
3. Can provide resources and energy for own needs;
4. No or limited exploit or pollute;
5. Can provide ecological services for the neighbor farm;
6. Easy to replicate, improve and promote;
7. Low investment and low operation cost
8. Can provide organic agricultural resources for farmers



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